Family Office

InContext Advisors

  • Integrated Planning & Strategy
  • Interdisciplinary Wealth Coordination
  • Global eye over Family Wealth, Entities and Ownership Structure
  • Quarterback between Advisors to achieve Long-Term Goals
  • Cultivation and maintenance of outside professionals in every business, financial and investment domain
  • Manager Selection

  • Family General Ledger
  • Bill Pay, Cash Forecasting​​
  • Partnership Accounting and monitoring Waterfalls
  • Controller/Cash Flow dynamic management
  • Banking/finance single point of contact

  • ​​Obtain financing vehicles when necessary​​​​
  • Risk Management, Insurance Interface
  • Coordination of Trust & Estate Planning
  • Education and Communication to all Family Members
  • Communicate Complex Concepts to all Stakeholders

It is nearly impossible for families to manage the accounting challenges of multiple partnerships, embedded trusts, layered ownership structures, past gifting, and cash flows between entities

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