• Outside Fund Managers:  Assess their uniqueness and determine whether past performance is predictive of future success, assess manager’s value add, past value creation, fund raising capabilities, governance, fees and internal controls.

  • Direct Investments:  Due diligence from point of inception to deal closing.   Determine sustainability of strategy, ability of operator to achieve stated goals within their existing context, management strength, cash controls and governance.   Deep-dive into past financial statements and vialibility of pro-forma projections, determine reasonability of valuation based on comparatives or other benchmarks.   Develop thorough understanding of operator’s story and maintain internal files and narrative to monitor investment through to successful exit.  Assist in assembling “opps” teams for turnarounds or scaling.


Negotiate terms of investments, seek additional capital within out investor network when necessary. 


Due Diligence  

Public Market

Oversee private wealth managers and brokers to monitor performance and adherence to family strategy.


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